Make haste slowly

Recently I pulled a hamstring shoveling snow. It was totally frustrating, as I had intended to go hard practicing yoga over the holidays to catch up after a term of intense teaching and learning. When I expressed this frustration to my yoga instructor, the response was ” Sometimes you need to make haste slowly.”
I am someone who always dives in to things with a passion. I get excited and completely immerse myself. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, often it leads to me being exhausted as I try to maintain the many things that are important in my life: school, family, yoga, friends, exercise, and university. In both my working and my private life, I am usually the first to say “Let’s try it!” or “Of course I can.”, and then putting all of my energy into being the best at everything I do. Recently, this has caught up to me. I realized that I had to let something go. Letting go of my my family or my teaching was not an option, so my university course for the winter had to go. It was a difficult decision to make without feeling like a failure. Fortunately, George Couros recently wrote a post about dropping a plan for his school that he held dear. He spoke about understanding when it was time to back away and to solidify what we have. I have made great gains in my learning about technology: using Web 2.0 tools, using Twitter as a PLN, and using a blog to increase my growth and learning in technology. Time is always an issue, but if my goal is to make small sustainable changes rather than big ones, I need to develop a workable plan to continue my learning. Tweeting, writing, and researching technology can be done in small steps. Like yoga, I can practice technology slowly and with care, building my strength and flexibility rather than pushing and injuring myself.


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  1. Kim

    Lissa, nice post. I echo your thoughts…sometimes the pulled hamstring is a blessing in disguise???

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